Senator Shehu Sani Pays tribute To the Late King of Football, Pele

A former Kaduna Central senator, Distinguish Senator Shehu Sani has led hundreds of Kaduna State soccer fans and administrators to pay tribute to the late king of football, Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

Senator Shehu Sani was the special guest of honor during a novelty match to immortalize the football legend at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on the 2nd of January, 2023.

The former legislature described Pele as a player that has transcended all generations.

“He is, and remains the original and greatest of all times that’s why we are here”, Shehu Sani underscored.

According to the Senator, “this football match is a tribute to the king of football, the late Pele, we organized this match to honor him and to appreciate his life”.

“And for the fact that in 1972 he came to Kaduna and played against Raca Rovers was a historic event which we will never forget and as people of Kaduna is important we appreciate that such a legend was once here and Kaduna is now part of the global geography where Pele has played”.

Shehu Sani explained that the match was organized to join the people of the world to appreciate the talent, skills, sportsmanship, and the impact Pele has made on the lives of billions of people around the world.

“Many of those who watched Pele play at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium have died and many are too old to come out and appreciate what they have seen over five decades ago but for those of us who are relatively younger than, I believe there is no better way to honor and appreciate king Edson Arantes do Nascimento than to organize this match and we very happy that young people have also taken upon themselves to appreciate all that he has done”

“Well, I was not privileged in life to meet him physically but people who have played football in our locality were among those he had inspired along billions around the world”.

Among the guests was Abdul Inuwa whose father was the then Football Association Chairman, who decorated Pele after the Raca Rovers and Flamengo match.

Abdul Inuwa said what Senator Shehu Sani has done will strengthen Kaduna state’s image globally.

” I feel great and honor to be part of this historic occasion and on behalf of the family I like to thank the organizers for the honor done not only to us but Kaduna state and the country at large”.

One of the organizers, Shehu Ado, aka “Liver Bees” who was at the match venue when Pele played against Raca Rovers said, Pele played for both sides.

“I was at the stadium when Group Captain Dan Suleiman the then military governor of Kaduna State honored Pele after the match at Ahmadu Bello Stadium where he played for both his club side for the first 45mins and change side and played for Raca Rovers in the second 45mins”.

Meanwhile, the match to honor him (Pele) ended 3-2 in favor of GBS Academy who wears Brazil color against Ikhana Babes on Nigeria green white green.

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