Governor Ahmed Aliyu: A promise keeper and achiever within 100 days in Sokoto state


Governor Ahmad Aliyu Of Sokoto State 


A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes - Mahatma Gandhi

All leaders have their vision, they have their directions for their people but only good leaders have pro-people agenda for the goodness of the people. For their successes can be seen from far and be predicted in a shortest time because of their vigor and remarkable achievements.

Success is not sold but it is accomplished base on competency and hardworking and without doubt Sokoto state people have a governor that is working towards their success.

The current governor of Sokoto state, Ahmed Aliyu holds a good vision for the good people of Sokoto state, his hope is to rekindle the yearnings of the Sokoto people. His ambition is to facilitate better change for the people, and within 100 days in office of his administration he is convincing everyone that he is at the top gear of writing a momentous history with ink of gold.

To do well and focus on the development of Sokoto state, the governor of Sokoto state has nine points agenda; to uplift the standards of education, healthcare delivery, water supply, agriculture, security, youth empowerment, local government autonomy, religious affairs and improve the state economy, and without taking much time the governor is achieving remarkable successes within his visionary agenda in 100 days.

For long, even before he was elected as the governor of the historic state of the caliphate, Ahmed Aliyu is a compassionate leader, an achiever and the governor is worried on the situation of insecurity in the state, with the ball at his court he is ambitious to return normalcy in the state. As promised, lots have been achieved in the fight of banditry, insurgency and kidnapping. With synergy of different security operatives in the state, the people in the areas and local governments of the state affected by insecurity trauma are having succour of concerned leadership of governor Ahmed Aliyu.

Peace is his prominent point in his agenda as the catalyst of progress, without peace nothing goes well, and the executive governor of Sokoto state is working round the clock to make it cheapest for everyone, and for truth to be told the present governor is doing commendable work for peace to reign in all parts of Sokoto state.

As a transparent and judicious administrator with many accolades, His Excellency, the executive governor of Sokoto state abhors mischief. Ahmed is a dedicative and committed civil servant in fulfilling his responsibility as the chief servant of the state. He is not corrupt and neither naive to protect his integrity, his action of closing Sokoto Government House for late comers exhibited a true kind of the leader Sokoto state has. To him, no compromise of oath of service for the development of Sokoto state and this made him a beacon of change, for him he was voted to serve and he cannot let the people down. And only a courageous leader that prepares for the good job can acted that way. The action deserved a historic honor in the book of Guinness.

His Excellency, the young, focused, knowledgeable and industrious governor Aliyu Ahmed started as a governor with good intention; offsetting the outstanding salary of workers in the state held by the previous government testified his humanitarian feelings on his subjects, and despite inheriting liability of N2.1trillion from the previous government because he has no time for blaming game, that is why he continue to use his endowed talent and experiences in moving Sokoto state forward to the promised land of greatness.

Within 100 days in office, the governor of Sokoto state; Ahmed Aliyu is turning a dream to reality and he is making people of the state happiest. His vision is to rekindle farmers' hope and make Sokoto state a leading farming hub not in the North alone but in the whole of Nigeria.

As part of his ninth point agenda, within 100 days in office, His Excellency, Ahmed Aliyu is developing farming and improving the capacity of farming production in the state. To fulfill this mission on farming, the governor of Sokoto state has on ground plan to establish soil laboratory, revive the suspended Commodity Board and invited experts to contribute in the sector. The objective is to provide employment for the teeming youths of the state and also generate revenue for the development of the state.

In just 100 days, His Excellency, Ahmed Aliyu had touched the side of education. In his remarks, he stated that his government is for the indigenous students and to keep his promise alive on the development of education in the state, the governor settled three years' scholarship arrears held by the previous government of Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.

In his quest to boost the state economy and reduce the tempo of poverty in Sokoto state amidst the current hardship incurred by the fuel subsidy removal, the current governor approved N20.3 billion for the purchase of vehicles for female and food stuffs to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal. On another achievement in 100 days, the state government had started monthly payment of N6,500 to people with disability in the state which is one of the state government's poverty alleviation programs.

Fascinating about the governor of the caliphate is; he has so much respect for traditional rulers and elders, he contacts them for advices and indulge them on prayers for the progress of the state. As a loyalist of his boss, Senator Aliyu Magatakardan Wamakko he is always soliciting for guidance for better leadership in the state, and with this stylistic kind of contact leadership from the people that had seen yesterday and seeing today His Excellency Ahmed Aliyu will continue to do more in the state unfailingly.

By recording much successes in less than 100 days, one can imagine how Sokoto state will be in the next four years and beyond. The accomplishments indicated that His Excellency, Ahmed Aliyu, the governor of Sokoto state is a blessing for every person in the state and God has answered the people's prayer, having him as a governor means that education will progress, peace will continue to prevail, development will manifest and poverty will be crushed. Indeed, a good leader is at the helm of making Sokoto state a greatest state of the founding fathers within the possible time of his administration, and to achieve more and excell through he needs our good prayers to achieve more.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo is a political analyst, writes from Kaduna state and can be reached on

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