Benue Speakership Tussle Births Political Crisis In The State... Gololo Calls On President Tinubu To Caution SGF, Akume



The refusal of Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia, to make the second wife, (Becky) of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume, speaker of the State Assembly, continued to deepen the political crisis in Benue.

Addressing a Press Conference in Kaduna on Sunday, an APC stalwart, Dr Garus Gololo who expressed worry over the situation, appealed to President Bola Tinubu to address the lingering issue in Benue State.

“The whole crisis started when Akume’s younger wife wanted to become the Speaker of the Benue House of Assembly, and the governor said no!”.

Gololo said, “The purpose of calling this press conference is that as a party chieftain when you see something wrong, you take precautionary measures before it happens.

"One of the things is that on Thursday (last week) I saw a press conference held by the NASS APC caucus from Benue State which was led by Senator representing Benue North-West, Senator Titus Zam, whom I know in person, accused Governor Alia of marginalizing APC members and acting “dictatorially” in running the affairs of the state."

According to reports, the leader of the caucus stated that the governor’s tendencies could cause the party to lose subsequent elections in the state.

Dr Garus described the accusation against the governor that is running a one-man show government, as unfair.

"Let's put it into perspective, the present Secretary to the Government, SGF, his first wife is a member House of Representatives, representing Gboko/Buruku/Makurdi/Guye East & West, and the second wife is a member of Benue State Assembly, and wanted the position of a speaker to go to his wife". 

Gololo also urged the President to intervene in the crisis, before it got out of hand while accusing Secretary to Government of the Federation, SGF,  Senator George Akume, of allegedly instigating it for his selfish interest.

The APC stalwart added that Senator Akume should remember that he did eight years as governor of the State, and therefore, he should allow Governor Alia to do eight years, too, instead of lording himself as Alia’s Godfather.

Gololo called on the SGF to allow Governor Hyacinth Alia to concentrate on delivering dividends of democracy to the people of the state.

" the way out is to allow the Governor to play his role as governor, the chief security of the state

Reminding the SGF that he did eight years as governor, Gololo charged him to allow the governor to do eight years too, instead of lording himself as Alia’s godfather.

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