Gimbiya Foundation Transcends Boundaries, Empowers Adolescents, Young People In Rigasa Community


The Gimbiya Foundation recently orchestrated a pivotal step-down training event aimed at empowering adolescents and young people in the Rigasa community which was held at GSS Makarfi Road, Rigasa, on 27th December 2024, the initiative attracted 25 passionate and driven individuals, hailing from various wards within Rigasa and neighboring communities.

The primary goal of this training was to equip participants with essential skills in peacebuilding and to foster an environment that promotes harmony among the youth in Rigasa and its surrounding areas. 

By enlisting a diverse group of participants, the program aimed to instill a sense of unity and shared purpose, transcending world boundaries for the betterment of the entire community.

The step-down training placed a strong emphasis on cultivating a culture of peace and cooperation, enabling the participants to become advocates for positive change within their respective circles. By imparting tools and strategies for peacebuilding, aim to inspire a new generation of community leaders who are dedicated to promoting understanding and harmony leading by example, and influencing positive transformation in their local environments.

In a world where young voices are poised to shape the future, initiatives such as this training represent a vital cornerstone in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. By providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and empowerment, the Gimbiya Foundation's dedication to fostering peace and unity among young people illuminates a path toward a brighter, harmonious future for Rigasa and its neighboring communities.

The profound impact of this initiative extends beyond the event itself, fostering hope and catalyzing a ripple effect of positivity throughout the community. As the insights and knowledge gained during the training permeate into everyday conversations and actions, they sow the seeds for enduring change and progress.

The Gimbiya Foundation which is a driving force in nurturing the future, is dedicated to driving positive transformation and empowerment within communities, placing a special emphasis on nurturing the potential of youth to become beacons of hope and architects of Peace in Northern Nigeria.

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