NAFDAC Warns Against Consumption of Sachet Alcohol - News Panorama

Kaduna, March 5, 2024 — The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has issued a stern warning to citizens, particularly the youth, regarding the consumption of sachet alcohol. Mrs. Josephine Abbas Dayilin, the North-West Director of the Agency, delivered this cautionary message during the forty-fifth Kaduna International Trade Fair held over the weekend.

According to Mrs. Dayilin, sachet alcohol poses serious health risks and is potentially poisonous. She emphasized that anyone who consumes it could suffer adverse health effects. In response to this concern, NAFDAC has taken decisive action by banning the sales and distribution of sachet alcohol nationwide.

But the warning doesn't stop there. Mrs. Abbas Dayilin urged citizens to exercise caution when it comes to other products as well. She emphasized that only products registered by NAFDAC should be considered safe for consumption. Additionally, she cautioned against using substandard or expired drugs, emphasizing the importance of adhering to quality standards.

NAFDAC remains committed to ensuring compliance with safety regulations. The Agency will continue to inspect products and consumables under its purview. Efforts are underway to register all products within its care, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards.

For business entrepreneurs, Mrs. Dayilin provided a clear directive: register your new products. NAFDAC has streamlined the registration process, creating an enabling environment for businesses to comply. Any unregistered products should be rejected to safeguard the well-being of the general public.

Mrs. Dayilin also highlighted specific products that can be registered with NAFDAC, including Zobo, Kulikuli, Kunun Aya, and similar items. As long as these products are properly packaged, entrepreneurs can seek NAFDAC's approval.

The Agency's vigilance underscores its commitment to public health and safety. Citizens are urged to heed these warnings and make informed choices when it comes to the products they consume.

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