By Barr. Jaafar 

Once upon a time, a similitude of that of Sardauna Ahmadu was born in Kanam LGA in the oldest and popular town called Garga of Garga District, Kanam LGA.

Before then, I knew not or little about him. I was rather came to appreciate the personality of who he is when I decided to dwelled much into politics and politicking on the Plateau particularly that of Kanam LGA.

At the point in time, it happens I found myself rather in the middle of the whole game hence, I cautioned myself and decided to be observable of the spirit and letters of it. In fact, I began to read lip, words and actions of my people particularly leaders as well as stakeholders who invariably owned the key to drive it safely or otherwise.

As observable as I am, I was compelled to neel down consciously while respecting some stakeholders, personalities and leaders for their sincere commitments, sacrifices, dedications, love and passion for progress and development of Kanam LGA  to which Dayyabu Garga is happened to be one.

I knew Hon. Dayyabu Garga even prior to his climbing as executive Chairman of Kanam LGA. But never taught he is that patriotic as I found him recently. In fact, I was opportuned to work little but closely with him as one of his legal personnel to whom he usual sought for immediate legal opinion.

Hon. Dr. Dayyabu Yusuf Garga had end my respect the very day and moment he publicly dismantled all odd and forces sought to go against Kanam project. I never knew before that, someone at the peak of authority like him would succumb to de-factionalized a formidable movement using his name for a course that minded not Kanam.

I never knew before that someone like Hon. Dayyabu Garga upon all opportunities, loyalties and support would turned a red eyes against anyone going short of Kanam unity and development. That is Dayyabu Garga for you.

In fact, it has remind me of a day, I mean one very faithful day that, Hon. Dr. Dayyabu Garga stood up worrisomely and violently against one of his foot-soldie disassociating himself with anything short of Kanam unity and progress especially that a son of the soil was in the frontline of contest at the moment. That is Hon. Garga.

He rejected publicly any camping or grouping long as it wouldn't serve the interest of the people of Kanam LGA none benefiting them. In fact, it would have been difficult even when it would be successful for Kanam to record the present and a mist celebrated achievements that the said LGA is recording presently under Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi if Garga wouldn't have conceded. That is true Kanam son of the soil.

Garga life as visualized during his Chairmanship tenure is rather a similitude of that of Sardauna Ahmadu Gamji.

May Kanam LGA success.

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