Pre-Cop27, Egypt, 2022; Media experts express worries over Scarcity of Science and Environmental Reporters in Africa. Annual Report

Ahead of United Nations Climate Talks (cop27) taking place from 7-18 November 2022, in Egypt, Science-climatologists, Volunteer Environmentalists, and Geologists across Africa have decried the scarcity of science and climate journalism journals and reportage.

This is coming as Charcoal, fire woods and Timber business is threatening the existence of all the animals and other living organism in the forests in several countries.

They said not all media organizations across the 55 African countries have science, climate change, and environmental reporters that report daily happenings, hence the need to train more journalists to combat global warming, desertification, deforestation, and all the ecological challenges that are affecting human, animal and living organism in the environment.

A science-climatologist and also an environmental expert, Dr. Piman Hoffman, who is the Assistant Director of African climate reporters made the statement in the annual investigative report of the organization.

He said, for the past 8 years his organization has been organizing a series of science and climate change conferences for many African journalists to train more journalists on the importance of science, climate change, and environment reportage to save the region against man-made disasters.

Mr. Hoffman urged media organizations across the African countries to engage and build capacity for young journalists to be reporting on the environment and other forms of environmental degradation, that is affecting human being and other living organisms.

The 2022 annual report, revealed how more deadly Tropical and Infectious Diseases are spreading daily, and yet under-reported while some remain silent.

He expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of commitment by some media outfits across Africa toward dedicating some reporters to cover the environment and sciences.

While stressing that it is really important for every media house to have a trained journalist that specializes in reporting issues related to the environment.

“Barely out of 10 media organizations only 2 usually dedicate a reporter covering climate change and environment “

According to Hoffman, the world now needs more science and environmental journalists than before, to illuminate the real risks that humans and the environment are facing.

“Environmental journalists play a great role in the society, like raising awareness about population growth, sustainability, energy conservation, global warming, climate change, and acid rain”.

“Others include; destruction of the tropical rain forest, accumulation of toxic waste, disposal of all wastes, water, and air pollution, and all factors that contribute towards the degradation of the quality of life”.

Mr. Hoffman explained that millions of people die yearly as a result of air and water pollution, due to a lack of awareness caused by inadequate environmental journalists to report on issues relating to effects on the environment.

“Environmental journalists have the potential to inspire their readers to change their everyday behaviors for the overall betterment of the world around them.

He further pointed out that every year, they received reports from many African media correspondents from different countries on poor media reportage related to climate change due to scientific terminology and lack of support from media owners to encourage ecological news.

“As Egyptian one of the countries is going to host the climate change conference this Year”.

African countries have no time to waste.” Our work starts today to ensure we truly own the agenda at COP27 and push for bold climate action for Africa and the rest of the world. Let’s use our collective voice and power to make COP27 a story of results and outcomes, not just promises, for Africa.”

Another scientist and a microbiologist Mr. Nurudeen Bello of the same organization appealed to both private and public media owners across Africa to be recruiting science writers to be supporting them in writing issues related to science and climate change

He called on science- graduates from various fields of education across the 54 African nations to be reporting issues related to science, climate change, and environmental reports

While calling on African Union to join hands with all African countries towards barning trees importation and illegal mining.

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