‘Black fumes from burning tyres contain heavy harmful metals and constitute health hazards’ -African Climate Reporters

The high cost of firewood, charcoal, kerosene has triggered increased demand for waste tires in Nigerian abbatoirs as means of roasting animal skin. 

A report by African climate reporters, says that the Majority of Nigerian butchers and waste-tyre- burners use waste tires as cheaper means of roasting animal skins.

In a survey by the organization after visiting some local abbatoirs across the country discovered why butchers and other people roasting meat preferred using old tires as an easy means of clearing the skin of animals. 

A statement by the Head and communication, Ibrahima Pima said, some butchers interviewed by the African climate reporters in northern Nigeria, attributed the high cost of firewood, charcoal, and kerosine as the reason why they embraced using tires. 

They added that the banned by some state's governments on the selling firewood and charcoal to fight insecurity has also contributed to creating a scarcity of some of the items used for removing animals' skin. 

While stressing that there are many free tires abandoned on the street and other waste collection centers. 

"As a result of this attitude, across the 36 states of Nigeria, on daily basis, thousands of tires were been used for roasting animal skins".

"Burning of these tires pollute the environment, and are very harmful to the people consume".

"The black fumes coming out from these waste tires contain heavy metals and other harmful pollutants that linger in the air and most often lead to acute/chronic health hazards".

In the meantime, Scientists working under African Climate Reporters say, these are some of the factors that triggered increased climate change in Nigeria. 

They advised authorities to sensitize the general public on the harmful effects of roasting animals with old tires. 

Climate Change Specialists said the burning of waste tires has so-many health implications for human, animals, and the entire living organism in the community where these activities take place.

They called on the state and federal ministry of environment to checkmate the activities of waste-tires-burners in the country.

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