World Peace Day 2022: Northern Clergies Embark On Promoting Cultural and Religious Tolerance To Strengthen Christian and Muslims Relationship in Nigeria


Ahead of International Day of Peace 2022 the National President Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria, Pastor Yohanna Buru has pointed out how his organization spends over 10 years working day and night toward rebuilding trust among divided communities as a result of ethnic or religious differences.

In a statement made available to the pressmen in Kaduna on Thursday, the organization and other Peace Building Networks together with Interfaith Mediation Centers and Peace Commission have contributed immensely towards bringing back peace and unity in the country.

” The aim of all the peace campaigns we all started years back was to strengthen multicultural and religious tolerance through various initiatives that include engaging the services and collaboration of academic and research institutes, religious and community leaders, students, youth groups, civil society organizations, State Actors, artists, media actors and representatives of women groups”.

The 21st of September of every year is United Nations International Peace Day to create awareness of peace and this year peace day celebration comes amidst increased terrorist activities, banditry and kidnapping, and the high cost of living in the northern part of Nigerian

Pastor Buru said his organization and other peace networks have engaged many traditional title holders through promoting peace and unity among the residents of their community.

He added, “to mark this year’s international peace day, his organization has embarked on visiting communities to strengthen Christians and Muslim relationships while encouraging multicultural peace dialogue and tolerance.

He notes that tolerance makes it possible for people to coexist peacefully and remained the basis for a fair society in which everyone can lead their lives as they wish.

While stressing that Tolerance is an important concept that helps people to live together peacefully.
“To be tolerant means that you accept other people’s opinions and preferences, even when they live in a way that you don’t agree with. t

He then called on Muslims and Christians to always live in peace and harmony with one another irrespective of tribe, culture, or region

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