“Our players have been paid and are in high spirits” -TEAM KADUNA

Kaduna State Ministry of Sports Development has denied completely the report going round that the state players were playing on hungry stomachs.

The report according to a statement signed by the Director of Sports Administration, Yusuf J. Yarmai said, “the report is an exaggeration of imagination of the writer who was quick to break the news with little or no effort at all to balance his findings”.

“I assured you that our players have been paid and are in high spirits which can be seen in several victories recorded by our teams and many would be playing the finals”.

Mr. Yusuf Yarmai urged the players and officials not to be distracted by that story, calling for more understanding between the Media and ministry.

“We are partners in progress and you all know that sports have always been a media event”.

“We have always been a dominant force to be reckoned, and always win most of the team sports to represent the zone”.

When contacted, the reporter of the story said he got confirmation for the payment of the state players after publication

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