Cleen Foundation, Senior Police Officers Cross Examines Security Issues Ahead Of 2023 Elections

As preparation for the 2023 elections heightened, threats are imminent which require a proactive mitigation response plan.

This form part of the remarks by the Executive Director, of Cleen Foundation, Mr. Gad Peter at the opening session of the election security management workshop held in Kaduna.

The workshop which draws 30 Police Divisional Officers and Police Public Relation Officers from the seven Northwestern states was to identify and come up with a localized solution, with a roadmap towards safe, free, and fair elections in the 2023 election security.

Mr. Peter noted that the 5 days training will provide an important method of analysis that can be verified, communicated, and understood.

He explained the objectives to include, “to enhance the capacity of Nigeria Police for effective crowd control and management within the broader context of public order management during elections”.

“To promote the capacity and awareness of the police in the protection and preservation of human rights and dignity of Nigerians during and after the elections”.

In an interview, the Director of the program, Cleen Foundation, Salaudeen Hashim said the conversation to prepare proactive measures and mitigation strategies for police officers to be able to design a roadmap relating to election security.

“The essence for it is to ensure professional conduct within the security architecture as we enter into the election to ensure free, fair, and credible elections because they going to be completely impartial in the entire process”.

One of the lead resource persons, Dr. Jaye Gaskia said, “what we are doing is part of the 2023 general elections and we are looking at election security”.
“We are looking at issues around the general election that could impact security and the well-being of citizens”.

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