Tolerance day 2022; “I attended Over 50 different Maulud celebrations this year -Christian clergy


To strengthen peaceful coexistence among different Faith-Based Organizations in Africa, a Nigerian Christian Clergy, and a Peace Ambassador, Pastor Yohanna Buru has explained that since the beginning of this year’s annual maulud celebration, he has so far, attended over 50 different celebrations across the 19 northern states of Nigeria.

He said the visit aimed to join his Muslim scholars to promote interreligious harmony and tolerance as well as a better understanding of the adherence of the two religions.

Pastor Buru made the statement while delivering his speech at a mosque in Kaduna State NorthWestern Nigeria.

According to him, on daily basis, he got a maximum of 5 to 6 invitations from various Muslim organizations to attend their annual maulud celebrations.

He said, the maulud celebration provides a golden opportunity for Christians to meet, interact, discuss and exchange good ideas to strengthen Christian and Muslim relationships.

The Clergyman stressed that it further provides a platform where both Muslims and Christians can resolve issues bordering them to avert conflict and mitigate the crisis.

“I was invited to attend maulud to meet and interact with top Islamic scholars in Kano, Katsina, Bauchi, Kogi, Nasarawa States and almost all the 19th northern states of Nigeria”

“we must remember that we are one family under God, worshipping the same God”
“We have holy Books which are the Bible and Qur’an from the same God and children of Adam and Eve”

Responding to one of the Islamic preachers at the Mosque, mallam Ibrahim Tata thanked the Christian cleric for honoring their invitation, saying he never fail to attend their maulud.

He said, even during Ramadan, pastor yohanna buru used to visit them at the mosque with other Christians to break the Ramadan fast with them to promote peace and unity.

He blessed the whole team of Christian clerics that accompany pastor yohanna to their mosque for honoring their invitation
While calling on the state government to be honoring some peace agents as ambassadors of peace in the state

This is coming ahead of the World International Tolerance Day marks November 16th of every year, and is aimed to strengthen peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance for world peace and harmony.

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