NSF: “Results must be verified before making it public” – Charles Aniagwu

The chairman of the media committee of the (Delta 2022) National Sports Festival, festival has explained the reason behind the delay in updating medal table at the festival.

According to him, the need to verify the results and also check if the rules were not breached before the competition or event are the few reasons given to this development.

He said there had been a situation whereby an athlete won two gold medals for a state, only for the result to be overturned after it was discovered that the athlete registered for two states, which was against the rules and relegation of the games.

“We have heard of complaints from the states, that the medals are delayed on the table. It is not deliberate,” Aniagwu said during the press conference at the media centre of Stephen Keshi stadium in Asaba on Wednesday evening.

“Proper verification of all the processes leading to the final result being declared must be followed and if there is any action that contravenes the law, the result is rendered null and void.

“There is a particular case of an athlete who won two gold medals and it was later discovered that this athlete registered for two states.

“The action was against the rules, so the gold medals won were not registered for the state because it was cancelled. So, if the state had gone ahead to calculate the gold medals won by them, it will not reflect on the table,” he said.

The Ajasa News: Source

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