Women Journalists Trained On Sensitive Reportage

Amina Anebi KADUNA

A Non-profit organization, called Ladies Empowerments Goals and Support Initiative, LEGASI, has organized a One Day of training on effective media-sensitive reporting, on consultative Dialogue with stakeholders in Kaduna State

The training which draws women journalists from different media organizations in Kaduna is tagged to promote an effective relationship between media and other women counterparts.

Program Manager LEGASi, Timothy Lawrence, highlighted how media will support in-depth analysis for and reports of violence-related reports.

The goal of the training is to
Strengthen awareness of the violence that politically active women face, and build capacity among partners to mitigate its impact and hold perpetrators to account

He said some of the stories, there are No follow-up reports on a particular time, and some of the issues include, Violence Against Women In Politics, Discrimination, Sexual Abuse, Harassment, Economic Harassment Against Women

These he said dose persist that was why in the century nothing has been done to change the factor again women in politics.

’40 percent of women have been sexually harassed when doing their job, either as politicians, or colleagues in the office and there were never heard.

“46 percent of women parliamentary aren’t safe online when trying to express themselves, 80 percent of women sexists remarks suffered psychological, violence, insulting remarks threats, and acts of intimidation by their colleagues, he highlights.

He added that most of the women don’t report due to citing shame, social stigma, and fear of relation by perpetrators.

He enjoined media on different ways and strategies such reports can be handled, by doing away with the victims, facing the crime, dealing with the crime,

  • Telling the story is very important, also talking with experts and educating the public by educating women about their rights to eradicate ancient, old stereotypes, and gender biases, including information where survivors can get assistance. He concludes.

The training was in collaboration with the Women International League for Peace and Freedom in Nigeria, which is out to speak against violence against women, especially in politics.

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