Senator Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr. La): The Quintessential Politician On A Mission


It goes without gainsaying that Distinguished Senator-Elect, Lawal Adamu Usman popularly known as Mr. La is set to carve a niche for himself in the upper Legislative Chamber of the National Assembly. The significance of this piece is born out of the fact that the Kaduna Central Senatorial District is blessed with competent individuals who possess and are ready to continue to introduce fundamental innovations and far-reaching reforms that will impact, not only the Kaduna Central Senatorial District, the entire state of Kaduna but the country as a whole.

The former Senator for Kaduna Central, and the newly sworn-in Executive Governor of Kaduna State His Excellency, Senator Uba Sani served diligently during his time in the National Assembly representing Kaduna Central. Senator Uba Sani has exited the stage for a worthy successor. Senator Lawal Adamu Usman is an accomplished politician, a worthy friend, a great family man and most of all, a philanthropist of note.

He is fully equipped with the necessary political, legislative and governmental acumen and gumption to execute his constitutional duties towards the good of the nation. As a sign of expected glad tidings, Senator Lawal will continue such programmes as skills acquisition projects, payments of school fees of students of higher institutions, women and youth empowerment initiatives and person-to-person acts of philanthropy as he has been used to.

The educational, business and interrelations he is exposed to, will in no small measure, boost his chances of securing important Committees commensurate with his stature and his kind considerations of the general public. Mr La is known to live a life of human services, philanthropy, and community development. A holder of a Masters’s degree from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Senator Lawal Adamu Usman has been engaged in private practice for more than fifteen years.

He has been an investment broker, and the CEO of a lobbying and investment company in which he partners with Asians, Americans and Arabs. These companies that the Senator resigned from, upon venturing into politics, still hold him in high esteem and respect. He has always been mentioned positively by the boards of the companies and partners he worked with.

It is worthy of note that we bear in mind the fact that Senator Lawal Adamu Usman was a strong member of the APC. He later defected to the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP on the grounds of intraparty divisions which weren’t favourable to him. Senator Lawal contested alongside Senator Uba Sani of the APC in 2019, and the latter was declared the winner by INEC.

Mr. La maintained his campaign office for four full years even while he was not elected under any platform, into any political office. He threw himself wide open to people who trooped in and out with all manners of requests and he did what he knows how to do best, dole out what was his’, freely.

His second coming was in February of 2023. Mr La, having been victorious in the PDP primary elections of May 2022, got elected as Senator-Elect of the Federal Republic on the platform of the PDP. I am sure we are yet to see the full potential of this dashing young Senator.

While I happily congratulate him for his election victory which was almost derailed out of vile envy and numerous animosities, I am more than sure that Mr. La, or should I say, Senator Lawal Adamu Usman will be a daring and darling Senator of our beloved country.

Credit:The Gazette

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