Sex Championship, Immoral and Dangerous For Future Generations - Nigeria Clergy


A recent report in “The Times Of India”, claimed that Sweden has officially announced sex as a sport which is going to kick off 8th of June 2023.

In the aftermath of that story, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry Kaduna, Pastor Yohanna Buru, kicked against the of sex sport tournament.

During a chat with Kaduna journalist, Pastor Buru has called on world religions leader’s both Muslims and Christians to kick against this game world wide, while calling on world religions leaders to “rise up against this Devilish game.

He said it is going to corrupt the mind of millions of youths and future generations.

The report also claimed that the country has become the first nation to register sex as a sport and that it will also hold the first-ever European Sex Championship in Gothenburg on June 8.
According to Pastor Buru, the report also mentioned that the participants engaging in sexual activities, under 16 disciplines, would include seduction, oral sex, penetration, endurance, body massages, foreplay, exploring erotic zones, and more.

The six-week long competition has been reported to take place under the Swedish Sex Federation’s guidance.
He stressed that the game is dangerous for the future generations of youth world wide.

He appealed to European Union, EU Arab league, Asia and African Union, AU with rest of the world to, as a matter of urgency, kick against the commencement of this devilish game.

“Both Muslims and Christians with other world religions leader’s need to embark on ceaseless campaign against this devilish game.

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