Christians Charged to Have Faith in God In Good Or Bad Situations


By, Yahaya Muhammed

Christians have been charged to have faith in God as their creature.
The Reverend Father of ECWA Church Ungwan Kadara Television, Reverend Idi Buhari made the plea during this Sunday service in the church.

Reverend Idi Buhari explained that not all religions believe in relationships with God and that they have faith in their creatures for good or bad.
He explained that if you want to have a good relationship with your creature believe in his oneness, not believe in idols as you worship God.

Reverend Idi Buhari explained that no religion teaches you to kill your fellow human being, but rather teaches you how to live in peace with one another.
He called on the federal government to look into the issue of subsidy removal to bring succor to the people of the country.

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