House Committee On Sports Invites NOC, NADO Over WADA Threat To Ban Nigeria

Chairman House Committee On Sports, Hon Ekene Adams


The Federal House Committee on Sports has invited the leadership of Nigeria Olympics Committee (NOC) and National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) over World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) threat to ban all Nigerian from participating in all sports.

This follows Nigeria’s inability to comply with international standard as laid down in the World Anti-Doping code.

After lifting ban on Nigeria in November 2018, WADA is furious that the country has not fulfill the promises made to comply with international Anti-Doping regulations.

To this end, WADA has concluded plans to ban Nigeria from participating in all sports if nothing is done before the end of August, 2023.

To save Nigeria from the international embarrassment, the Chairman, House Committee On Sports, Hon. Ekene Adams has invited the leadership of Nigeria Olympics Committee (NOC) as well leadership of National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) to a Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 22nd August, 2023.

This is to put heads together and come up with plans to stop WADA from the imminent suspension capable of putting the country’s image in bad light.

“Anti-doping has become very important in sports that athletes and countries alike can be banned from participating in sports if they do not comply with international anti-doping regulations.” Honourable Ekene said.

He added, “To save innocent athletes and Nigeria from the embarrassment, the House Committee On Sports has mapped out plans to stop the imminent suspension by inviting the leadership of NOC and NADO to appear before it.

“Due lack of time, we need to act as quickly as possible to forestall WADA ban pronouncement at the end of August. Sports is a very important tool for addressing youth restiveness and engaging youth for meaning achievement in life. Nigeria has a huge population of youth and the benefit this group gains from sports cannot be overemphasized and must not be taken away from them.

If Nigeria is banned again, it is the innocent Nigerian athletes that will suffer from it. This Government does not need the distraction and embarrassment the issue of anti-doping will generate for the country nationally and internationally.” He concluded.

Media Committee,
Chairman House Committee On Sports
Thursday, 17th August 2023

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