Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, the member representing Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency at the green chamber and  Chairman House Committee on Navy enjoys a huge dose of goodwill from the people of the constituency and beyond. He is genuinely loved by the constituents across all divides. He is adored by Muslims, celebrated by Christians and revered by traditional worshippers.

The legislator is the pride of the old and a source of inspiration for the youth. Men like to flock around him, women love to hear him speak, even children can’t seem to have enough of him. The eggheads esteem him, just as the hoi polloi venerate him. From Mile 8 to Dok-Pai, Gumsher to Dada and Mwel, Gagdi is the face the people want to behold, the name they want to utter and the man they want to follow. For the people of PKK, Gagdi is the quintessential leader.

Why is the legislator so much loved by the people? Is it a function of prompt response to constituents needs? Or is it a consequence of the health facilities he attracted to the constituency? Could it be due to the infrastructures he has emplaced, the education sector he has transformed or the employment secured for the youths? All these are good enough reasons to revere a leader, but for Yusuf Gagdi it is much more more than that. Fairness, justice, creative approach to leadership, empathy and humility are common things to talk about him.

His empathy is second to none. The palliatives and support he provided to his constituents during the 2020 lock down to cushion its effects on the people lends credence to his sympathy and empathy. He simply realised that the bulk of the constituents survived on daily earnings and therefore, saw the need to support them. 

There is no denying the fact, he has continued to give good account of his stewardship. The constituents' expectations as to whether the dogged legislator will maintain the momentum or break his previous record in terms of providing employment oppurtunities, road networks, health care facilities, human development initiatives, support to educational sector amongst other physical projects attracted to the constituency remains higher than ever. To whom much is given, no less is expected!

Hon Gagdi, as a legislator, has done what his predecessors had only dreamt of and as a result, he deserves our commendations. 

Gagdi is a true democrat who understands politics, polici,es and legislative businesses and has a sense of maturity in the political arena.

He continually makes the difference because he stands by the truth, which others detest. We need more of his type, right from the local council level to the presidency, more so now than ever before.

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