'Uba Sani will succeeded in changing the face of education in kaduna with so many success' - Musa Moonlight


Kaduna State Governor,
Uba Sani


In a federation like Nigeria, development and growth of the country does not only depends on the leadership of the president who is at the center. State governors are also key in ensuring growth and development. In my view, leadership at the state level is even more important than that of the central government because Nigeria is a heterogeneous nation with different tribes and culture.

Over the years, all the states in Nigeria have been ruled by different people. Since Nigeria got her independence in 1960 and started practicing federalism, the achievements and accomplishments of some of our governors has been documented in different journals, books and even magazines.

Governor Senator Uba Sani, Executive Governor of Kaduna State is an example of an accountable and responsible governor.

Uba Sani is the only governor amongst the newly governors that has did something totally different to the development of education in Kaduna state.

Governor Uba Sani may not be the best governor kaduna State has ever had, but I must confess that he is one of the most performing amongst all the state governors in Nigeria currently despite with the challenges across the state.  

He is not like other governors that talks too much and not put their words into execution.

There are other wonderful things not mentioned here. He may not be perfect but he will be one of the best the kaduna State has had.

If you want to mention governors in Nigeria that talk and do exactly what they say, Governor Uba Sani is one of them. He is one of leaders that actually had a plan for his people before taking up the power to lead.

I strongly believe he is going to do more great things in Kaduna State with the kind of spirit he has.

The governor will definitely did well in the education sector, he would lay a solid foundation for the development of education in the state.

Uba Sani knows and appreciates the value of education in the socio-economic development of the society. He therefore not only identified education sector as a top priority of his administration as second to security, but also made education the centre-piece of his administration’s policies and programmes; hence his decision to invest massively in the sector in order to make kaduna work again and expand the horizon of good governance and accountable leadership in the state anchored on agenda.

With this commitment Gov. Uba Sani swung into action to fulfil his promises to the people.

His foresight over the downward review of all the State- owned tertiary institutions’ fees', and  his determination to provide access to free and qualitative education for every child in Kaduna State from primary to secondary school, is a laudable achievement.

 The executive Governor has take a bold-step Governor by approving of the downward review of school fees for all state- owned tertiary institutions by 30 and 50 percent.

His action was a positive responds to the public outcry over hike in fees being charged by the state tertiary institutions and its effect on school enrolment and retention.

The reduction in tuition fees in all the state- owned tertiary institutions by Governor Uba Sani, including Kaduna Sate University, Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, College of Education Gidan Waya,Shehu Idris College of Health Sciences and Technology, Makarfi respectively, is highly appreciated and commendable.

 His initiatives and policy on education are not only people oriented but friendly and good gesture worthy of emulation by all and sundry across party line.

Despite with the limited resources, intimidating debt profile and battered economy that depended solely on federal allocations and poor internally-generated revenue, Uba Sani will succeeded in changing the face of education in kaduna with so many success.

What we have seen so far in Kaduna state is of high quality and satisfactory. There is evidence of focus and commitment, and a clear interest in promoting education and empowering our children to survive in an increasingly complex technology driven global system.

The man is keeping to his campaign promises.

He Will definitely make Kaduna great.

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