Kaduna State Ministry of Human Services And Social Development To UNDP To Bring Lasting Peace



The Ministry of Human Services and Social Development has reiterated its resolve to support programs that promote unity and peace among the people of Kaduna State.

Hajia Rabi Salisu commissioner in the ministry gave the hint when Nuruddeen Bashar Saleh, a UNDP Focal Point, coordinating the implementation of a peacebuilding fund project in Kaduna state paid her a visit to her office.

The visit which is to enhance partnership was also to familiarise with the recently appointed commissioner Hajia Rabi Salisu and her ministry to join hands in ensuring a long-lasting peace in the state.

The delegate congratulated the commissioner commended her efforts in squarely discharging her duties, and presented her with a souvenir to appreciate the partnership.

He said, “This partnership is a dream come true and merging of two formidable forces to end conflicts and disputes, as well as to build a strong and concrete unity, love and togetherness within Kaduna State and its environs”.

The delegate also affirmed that they have two programs to execute the first one being the Peace and security development and the second mental health and sanitation.

“These two programs are aimed at ensuring safe, clean, and secure Kaduna State”.

The Honourable Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development Hajia Rabi Salisu, appreciates the visit and expresses immense gratitude to the delegate and the course of his actions.

She further stressed that her ministry will provide whatever assistance necessary to ensure that they achieve the objectives of the partnership.

“Kaduna state are law-abiding citizens and are willing to volunteer on whatever program that will promote unity and peace among them, and are ever ready to take part in the program whenever there is a need of participation”. The commissioner added.

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