Federal Fire Service Kaduna Issues Warning Ahead of Ember Months and Harmattan Season to Safeguard Lives and Property



The Federal Fire Service Kaduna Command, led by Sadiq Usman, has issued a vital warning to the Kaduna community in anticipation of the Ember Months and the fast-approaching Harmattan Season. Their focus is on safeguarding lives and property as climate-related incidents continue to rise in Nigeria.

In recent years, Nigeria has seen a surge in climate-related crises, including droughts, floods, and fire outbreaks, particularly during the Ember Months and the onset of the Harmattan Season. These incidents have grown in intensity as climate extremes become more frequent and severe.

As the first responders to climate-related emergencies, the Federal Fire Service is taking proactive measures to prevent predictable disasters, especially Harmattan-related fires. They stress the significance of early warning systems and early actions to avert humanitarian crises, particularly in vulnerable and remote areas.

To maintain a state of readiness and enable swift responses during emergencies, the Federal Fire Service is urging Kaduna state's host communities to actively engage in risk management. This includes sharing timely information with relevant stakeholders and collaborating with the Federal Fire Service to raise public awareness and enhance risk mitigation.

The public is advised to heed early warnings about Harmattan-related fire emergencies. The combination of dropping temperatures, strong winds, and increased use of heating sources during this season significantly increases the risk of fires and related emergencies.

As the agency responsible for protecting lives and properties from climate-related calamities, the Federal Fire Service is committed to taking proactive measures to detect fires before they start. They seek collaboration with all stakeholders to raise safety standards in Kaduna state.

The Federal Fire Service Kaduna Command assures the public of their readiness to respond effectively to fire outbreaks and other emergencies. They underscore their unwavering commitment to serving the people of Kaduna state.

In conclusion, We wish to also assure the good people of Kaduna state our readiness to serve them better regarding fire outbreaks and other related emergencies.

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