ASCF Welcomes Appeal Court's Declaration of Zamfara Governorship Election as Inconclusive

It is with a great sense of patriotism that the Arewa Stakeholders Consultative Forum (ASCF) received the news that the Appeal Court has declared the Zamfara State governorship election inconclusive, and asked for a rerun in the three local government areas disputed by the former governor of the State,  Bello Mohammed Matawalle

"The Appeal Court's declaration of the Zamfara governorship election as inconclusive has undoubtedly vindicated the claims of Matawalle that elections were not held in the three local government areas of the state," the ASCF spokesperson Comrade Danjuma Paul said in a statement.

The group pointed out that Lawal, who was so quick to dismiss any claims of electoral irregularities during the election, now finds himself at the receiving end of a ruling that exposes the flaws in the electoral process. 

"The tables have turned, and Governor Lawal is now experiencing firsthand the consequences of a flawed system they were so eager to defend."

The fact that the Appeal Court has deemed the election inconclusive raises serious doubts about the credibility of the electoral process in Zamfara State. It is a testament to the flaws and loopholes that exist within the system, allowing for such a significant ruling to be made. 

Perhaps this turn of events will serve as a wake-up call for Lawal and his camp, forcing them to confront the reality that their hold on power may not be as unassailable as they once thought," ASCF noted.

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