Kogi Polls: ASCF Warns Melaye, Ajaka Against Unsubstantiated Claims of Irregularities Against INEC


The Arewa Stakeholders Consultative Forum (ASCF) has issued a warning to the losers of the off-circle governorship polls held in Kogi State on Saturday to avoid making unsubstantiated claims of irregularities against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

A statement issued by ASCF's  Spokesperson Danjuma Paul expressed concern over the inflammatory remarks made by some of the bad losers, including Yakubu Ajaka and Dino Melaye, against INEC. 

The group stated that the election results had been adjudged as the freest, fairest, and most credible ever, and noted that any claims to the contrary must be backed up with solid evidence.

ASCF reminded the aggrieved losers that the acceptable course of action is to seek legal redress through the appropriate channels, rather than resorting to indecent behavior that can undermine the integrity of the electoral process. 

The group urged all stakeholders to maintain peace and refrain from acts that could lead to violence.ASCF commended INEC for its transparency and professionalism in conducting the elections and called on all candidates and political parties to accept the outcome of the polls in good faith. 

The group also reiterated its commitment to promoting good governance and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria. The ASCF further emphasized the need for all parties to respect the rule of law and abide by the decisions of the judiciary if eventually, the matter goes to litigation. 

The group warned against any attempts to incite violence or disrupt public peace, noting that such actions would be met with stiff resistance. In addition, ASCF urged INEC to continue to improve its processes and procedures to ensure even greater transparency and fairness in future elections. 

The group also called on political leaders across Nigeria to work together towards promoting national unity and development. Finally, ASCF expressed its gratitude to all those who participated in the Kogi governorship polls, including voters, election officials, security personnel, and observers. 

The group urged all stakeholders to continue to support efforts aimed at strengthening democracy in Nigeria.

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