Shelter Afrique Provides Over 220 Million Dollars To Support PPP In States To Reduce Housing Deficit In Nigeria


Nigeria’s housing deficit is a significant challenge that requires a multi-faceted approach, meeting up with adequate housing requires collaborative efforts and forging fruitful partnerships among key stakeholders in the housing sector for Nigeria to attain Sustainable Development Goals.

This was the highlight of the visit of the Regional Manager, of Shelter Afrique, Mrs Elizabeth Ogonegbu, when she led a team of experts from Shelter Afrique to Kaduna State.

She said they were Kaduna to strengthen areas of collaboration with the state government to further fast-track Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to provide affordable housing. 

"According to her, the state government can provide land and infrastructure, while the private sector can develop and manage the housing units. PPPs can be an effective way to reduce the housing deficit as they combine the strengths of both the public and private sectors".

As a pan African Housing Finance Institution that is dedicated solely to financing housing and urban development, We have so far approved twenty-eight support projects worth over $220m, giving the state governments direct lending through the PPP to help reduce the housing deficit in Nigeria", Mrs Ogonegbu said.

She explained that the recoverable loan always passes through credit appraisal and monitoring of the developer's transaction.

"Nigeria can provide affordable housing for its citizens and improve the quality of life for millions of Nigerians"

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