DW German Journalist Clinches Gold Award/Honored For Decade Of Excellence in Roller Sports Reportage

Ibrahima Yakubu
DW German journalist,
Receiving Gold Award
From Roller Sport 

The Kaduna State Association DÉ Roller sport has recently bestowed a Gold award upon the DW German journalist in Kaduna state, northwestern Nigeria.

 This recognition was in acknowledgment of the journalist's outstanding reports on roller sports within the country.

The award ceremony took place at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna, where the journalist was joined by other esteemed figures, including top international sports ambassadors, peacebuilders, and scientists utilizing sports to promote unity in the country.

The Athletes Rep. Skating Federation Of Nigeria Kabir Abdulrahman emphasized the journalist's contribution to the thriving sports culture, stating, "By giving all the needed impetus for sports to thrive, he is at the same time creating opportunities for athletes to earn a means of livelihood and contribute to the state’s economy."

The DW German journalist has been actively reporting on roller skating in Nigeria for the past decade, sharing his articles with other media organizations in Nigeria and parts of Africa. This coverage has significantly contributed to the recognition and popularity of roller sports in the country.

Kabir Abdulrahman highlighted that the journalist's engagement ensured media coverage for their matches and other important events in the country. 

The award ceremony also honored other notable figures, including the patron of Kaduna Roller Game Mallam Nuruddeen Bello, Mallam Yusuf Idris Amoke, Special Assistant to the Kaduna State Governor on Climate Change, and Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry Kaduna, along with other dignitaries.

During his acceptance speech, the journalist, Ibrahima Yakubu, expressed his delight and humility, thanking the event organizers. He also took the opportunity to commend the efforts of Roller Sport in Nigeria, describing it as one of the best games.

Ibrahima Yakubu went on to explain the role of a Sports Writer, emphasizing that their main responsibility is to research athletes, teams, and their stories.

Additionally, Sports Writers attend press conferences, games, and other events organized by sports organizations. He highlighted the dynamic nature of sports journalism in Nigeria, serving to both inform and entertain sports enthusiasts.

Honorable Yusuf Idris Amoke, another award recipient, stressed the importance of using sports to raise awareness about climate change among youth in the state. 

He stated that sports would be utilized to educate youth on issues related to environmental degradation and other factors affecting plants and animals.

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