Kaduna State Government urged to establish a Zakat and Waqf Board


Yahaya Muhammad 

Zakat which is an obligatory tax required of Muslims, is one of the five Pillars of Islam, with this being said, the Kaduna State Government has been urged to establish a Zakat and Waqaf Board under the office of the state Adviser on Religious Affairs,  Mallam Jamilu Al-Bani for smooth running. 

Reiterating the point to newsmen, Supervisory Councillor of Works of Kajuru local government, Abdullah Sabo Babayaro made the plea at the Association of Zakat and Waqaf Operators in Nigeria, (AZAWON), National Conference held in Duste, Jigawa state. 

Abdullah Babayaro explained that by doing so it would reduce poverty and criminal activities in the state. 

He explained that giving out Zakat is compulsory for Muslims and Christians to purify the wealth given to them by Allah. 

Abdullah Babayaro who expressed delight and thanked the organizers or the committee for beautifully organizing the conference. 

He also appreciated the paper presented on the rules and regulations governing giving out Zakat and waqf.

The zakat is levied on five categories of property—food grains; fruit; camels, cattle, sheep, and goats; gold and silver; and movable goods—and is payable each year after one year’s possession. The tax levy required by religious law varies with the category. Recipients of the zakat include the poor and needy, the collectors themselves, and debtors, volunteers in jihad (holy war), and pilgrims.

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