Khailani Bags 'Professor of Electrical Engineering'... promises to use his new status to improve socioeconomic well-being of community - News Panorama

Yahaya Muhammad

The British American University of Florida, USA, Abuja chapter, was agog for several hours on Monday 11th, December 2023, as family members, friends, associates, and dignitaries from all walks of life gathered from far and near to celebrate the conferment of professorship to Professor Khailani Abubakar Muhammed.

The ceremony brought forth the intellectual milestones of Professor Khailani Abubakar Muhammed who did a lot of research work on electrical engineering and also took part in article reviews and project/thesis content reviewing as well as a consultant both at home and outside Nigeria.

The Chairman and President of the British American University of Florida, USA, Abuja Chapter, Professor Muhammad Ayinla Omolola explained that the award has been certified by the governing council of the institution as a Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Professor Muhammad Ayinla said the awardee has made a mark in the academic and professional circles who gave his best in service to his community, his profession, and humanity at large.

He said the management of the school has also appointed Professor Khailani Abubakar Muhammed as the chairman board of the school alongside seven other professors who graduated from the school.

He also thanked the sister countries, South Africa and others for their support and for giving them an enabling environment to operate.

Responding Professor Khailani Abubakar Muhammed lauded the management of the school for certifying and awarding him Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Prof Khailani who promised to use his new status to improve the socioeconomic well-being of the community, appreciated the management for appointing him as Chairman Board of the school.

In an interview with some members of the families and friends expressed gratitude to the Management for finding Prof Khailani, worthy to be appointed Professor.

"His commitment to professional excellence and service to humanity were some the qualities that count in his favour in the academic sphere, hence found worthy for the academic excellence."

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