Tudun Biri Massacre: Does Arewa Have No People Like Femi Falana?


Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo

By, Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo

Enough of forgiveness and to adjudging cases to God for killing of people in the North. It is time for the North to say the rampant massacre of innocent people.

This is the best time for all the human rights associations, unions, clubs, and religious leaders to come together and seek the rightful compensation for the people killed in Tudun Biri.

In Islam, for any soul being killed the compensation is 10 giant and robust she-camel or 4.25 kilograms of gold, or 29.7 to 35.64 kilograms of silver or NGN 29,587,715,695.04.

It was revealed that the Nigerian Army dashed the family and the victims of the Nigerian Tudun Biri bomb blast 10 million Naira but that is a token compared to diyat (death compensation in isalm).

The Nigerian ulama, Islamic lawyers, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the Sultan of Sokoto, Muslim Concern (MURIC), and human rights associations should tailor the Islamic injunction on the compensation of the more than 100 people killed in Tudun Biri because condolences and token are not the sacrifice of death in Islam.

There is a need for an advocate like Femi Falana who can lead the case, or does the North have no one like him? This is the right time to see the union, lawyer, and association that can follow this case or the people will continue to believe that the North is an orphan.

Nevertheless, the aftermath of Tudun Biri has made Nigerians united and purposeful in sharing the pains and the agony of the Tudun Biri massacre. The Christians' associations, human rights such as Amnesty International, and almost all religious unions and public associations have strongly condemned the killing of more than 100 people of Tudun Biri but that is not enough if compensation is not been paid and we need persons like Femi Falana that can pursue the case for justice and equity.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo is a Human Rights Activist from United Nature International, Nigeria Branch and can be reached at auwalgoronyo@gmail.com

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