Arewa Youth Consultative Forum Passes Vote of Confidence on Matawalle

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has passed a vote of confidence on Minister of State Defence Bello Mohammed Matawalle, recognizing him as one of the top-performing ministers in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's cabinet.

A statement signed by AYCF's President General Yerima Shettima commended Matawalle for his exceptional leadership and dedication to upholding the security and defense interests of Nigeria and highlighted his achievements, particularly in international outreach for defense partnership and cooperation, as well as his efforts in combating the prevailing security situation in the country.

The group said Matawalle's visionary leadership has been instrumental in safeguarding the security and defense interests of Nigeria. "His ability to anticipate potential threats and implement proactive measures has earned him widespread acclaim. By prioritizing the safety of the nation, Matawalle has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the well-being of its citizens."

According to Shettima, one of Matawalle's notable achievements is his successful international outreach for defense partnership and cooperation. Recognizing the importance of collaboration in addressing security challenges, he has actively engaged with foreign counterparts to foster mutual understanding and cooperation. 

Through these efforts, Matawalle has strengthened Nigeria's defense capabilities and enhanced its position on the global stage.

"Matawalle's diplomatic initiatives have resulted in increased military cooperation, intelligence sharing, and joint training exercises with various countries. These partnerships have not only bolstered Nigeria's defense capabilities but have also facilitated the exchange of knowledge and expertise in combating terrorism, insurgency, and other security threats," Shettima said. 

He said Matawalle has made significant strides in successfully combating the prevailing security situation in the North and across Nigeria. Through his leadership, he has enhanced the defense system and military preparedness, ensuring that the nation is well-equipped to tackle security challenges effectively.

"Under Matawalle's guidance, the Nigerian defense forces have undertaken strategic operations to neutralize terrorist groups and criminal elements. These operations have resulted in the rescue of hostages, the recovery of territories previously under the control of insurgents, and the dismantling of their networks. 

Matawalle's proactive approach and commitment to intelligence-led operations have played a crucial role in these successes," he said.

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