BREAKING NEWS: Notorious Bandit Boderi Isyaku Neutralized in Intense Gun Battle


By Abdullahi Barikin Ladi 

KADUNA, NIGERIA — In a significant victory against banditry and terrorism, the relentless efforts of security forces, bolstered by consistent support from Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, have led to the neutralization of the notorious bandit, insurgent, and ruthless killer, Boderi Isyaku. The dramatic gun duel unfolded in the rugged terrain of Bada/Riyawa general areas, spanning Chikun and Igabi Local Government Areas (LGAs).

*The Reign of Fear Ends

Boderi Isyaku, known simply as "Boderi," had terrorized Kaduna State and neighboring Niger State for nearly a decade. His trademark brutality included vicious attacks, mass abductions, and unrelenting bloodshed. But today, his reign of terror has come to a decisive end.

*The Operation: A Meticulous Ambush

Under the strategic coordination of Major General VU Okoro, the General Officer Commanding of 1 Division, Nigerian Army (and Force Commander, Operation Whirl Punch), troops executed a meticulously planned ambush. Despite Boderi's well-fortified position, the troops closed in on him and his fighters.

*The Fierce Firefight

On Wednesday night, the confrontation erupted. Boderi, cornered and desperate, chose to resist. Bullets flew as he engaged the troops in a fierce firefight. But the tide turned against him. In a final burst of gunfire, Boderi was subdued, ending his reign of terror forever. Two of his associates met the same fate.

*The Seized Arsenal

Following the intense battle, the troops recovered a cache of weapons and equipment:

- Two AK47 rifles

- 300 rounds of ammunition

- Nine AK47 magazines

- One magazine carrier

- One Baofeng radio set

- Five motorcycles

*A Milestone in the Fight Against Terrorism

Boderi Isyaku's elimination stands as a notable milestone in Nigeria's ongoing struggle against terrorism. The unwavering commitment of our troops, combined with intelligence-driven operations, has dealt a severe blow to criminal elements threatening peace and security in the region.

Governor Senator Uba Sani praised the courage and dedication of our security forces, emphasizing that Kaduna State remains resolute in its pursuit of safety and justice.

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