Corps Medical Group and Projectsmile For Humanity Foundation Collaborate to Promote Maternal Health in Kaduna


Zakari Isah - Kaduna 

Kaduna, Nigeria - In a joint effort to enhance maternal health, the Corps Medical Group of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) partnered with Projectsmile for Humanity Foundation for a community development service activity at Zakari Isah Memorial Hospital in Kaduna. 

The focus of this initiative was to sensitize pregnant women about anemia in pregnancy and provide essential education on antenatal care, nutrition, and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

The President of the Corps Medical Group, Dr. Oparaku, George Osinachi,  expressed their commitment to addressing the menace of anemia in pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of educating expectant mothers about proper practices during pregnancy and delivery.

Comfort Ojo, the Team Lead of Projectsmile for Humanity Foundation, highlighted the collaboration's objective to educate pregnant women on the significance of antenatal care, emphasize good nutrition during pregnancy, and prevent sexual and gender-based violence in homes and communities.

Dr. Khadijah Garba Nabayi, present at the health facility, stressed the crucial role of antenatal care in ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and their babies. She aimed to create awareness about essential antenatal practices and discuss harmful practices by pregnant women, such as diabetes and hypertension.

A dietician Corp member, Sadiya Muhammad Adam, engaged expectant mothers on recommended diets during pregnancy. She emphasized the importance of optimal nutrition and cautioned against consuming foods like raw fish, unpasteurized cheese, or undercooked eggs that may pose risks to fetal development.

Aisha Yakubu, an expectant mother attending the antenatal session, praised the clinic for providing comprehensive information about health, nutrition, labor signs, and more. She highlighted the valuable insights gained from attending antenatal classes regularly.

Following the informative session, pregnant women received free supplements such as iron and folic acid from the Corps Medical Group. These supplements are crucial for ensuring the nourishment and health of both the mothers and their unborn babies.

This collaborative effort by NYSC and Projectsmile for Humanity Foundation reflects a commitment to improving maternal health and empowering pregnant women with knowledge and resources for a healthy pregnancy journey.

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