Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency Launches Mandatory Education Program for Registered Pilgrims

By Zakari Isah - Kaduna 

Kaduna, Nigeria - In a bid to ensure that all registered pilgrims are well-prepared for the upcoming Hajj rites, the Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency has announced the launch of a mandatory education program.

 According to a statement released by the Agency's Public Relations Officer Yunusa Muhammad Abdullahi, the program is designed to guide pilgrims on how to perform the Hajj rites according to Islamic principles.

The comprehensive program, which is set to take place every Saturday and Sunday, will be conducted across all 23 local government areas in the state. It is deemed crucial for all registered pilgrims, as it aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge to ensure a confident, informed, and peaceful Hajj experience.

Addressing the importance of the program, the Executive Chairman of the Agency, Malam Salihu S. Abubakar, emphasized that its purpose is to ensure that pilgrims are well-prepared for the spiritual journey ahead.

Abubakar highlighted the significance of the program in providing participants with a deep understanding of the rituals of Hajj, their spiritual importance, and the proper conduct that should be observed.

Experienced Islamic scholars will be leading the program, guiding participants through the spiritual aspects of Hajj and providing insights into the significance of the rituals. The program is expected to play a crucial role in preparing the registered pilgrims for their Hajj pilgrimage.

The Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency's initiative has been met with positive reception, as it reflects the commitment to ensuring that pilgrims are adequately prepared and informed about the religious significance of the Hajj pilgrimage. 

With the launch of this mandatory education program, the agency aims to promote a sense of reverence and understanding among the registered pilgrims as they prepare for the sacred journey.

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