Member of the House of, Rt Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi Returns Home to Continue People-Centered Representation


After experiencing a moment of spiritual upliftment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and engaging in high-profile official duties in France, Rt Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, the representative for Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, has returned to Nigeria. With a promise to surpass his accomplishments in his previous term, Gagdi is determined to maintain his dedication to representing the interests of the people.

According to a statement by the Gagdi Strategic Media Team in Abuja, the dedicated lawmaker wasted no time upon his return, as he was selected, alongside the Speaker, to accompany the Vice President of Nigeria, HE (Sen.) Kashim Shettima, to Makurdi. The purpose of this visit was to inaugurate two attack helicopters and a beach aircraft, acquired by the federal government to support the Nigerian Air Force in combating banditry and other criminal activities within the country.

Gagdi expressed his confidence in the APC administration led by President Bola Tinubu to address the challenges of insurgency and the economic downturn that plague the citizens. As a member of the APC, he remains committed to contributing towards overcoming the minor setback the party faced in Plateau State following the Supreme Court judgment affirming Mutfwang's victory.

Highlighting the predictable defeat suffered by the APC in the state's rerun election on February 3, 2024, Gagdi attributed this outcome to the stronghold of the PDP in the Northern Zone. He emphasized that the same pattern was evident in the 2023 election, where the PDP's Governor Mutfwang emerged victorious against the APC's Nentawe in the gubernatorial polls, solely in the Northern Zone.

Acknowledging the presence of no-go areas for both parties in the state, the federal lawmaker urged APC supporters in Plateau State to remain loyal and unwavering. Gagdi assured them that the APC would definitely make a comeback in the state, as the circumstances that caused setbacks in previous elections would not persist in 2027. However, he emphasized the need to focus on governance rather than politics in the meantime.

Promising improved prospects in his second term, Gagdi pledged to continue securing permanent pensionable jobs for his constituents and diligently execute people-oriented constituency projects.

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