New Deputy National Hardo Ali Muhammed Janwuro Pledges to Strengthen Fulani Unity


By Zakari Isah - Kaduna

Kaduna, Northern Nigeria — The newly appointed Deputy National Hardo, Ali Muhammed Janwuro, who also serves as the chairman of the Gan Allah Fulani Development Association, Kwara State, has reaffirmed his commitment to fostering understanding and cooperation among various Fulani groups.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a one-day conference, Deputy Hardo Janwuro emphasized the need for unity and collaboration. "I am impressed by the dedication of our leaders who have brought together diverse Fulbe associations to address the challenges faced by Fulani communities across Nigeria and Africa," he stated. 

"We must work collectively toward a common goal that accelerates our growth and development as a community."

Janwuro expressed gratitude for his new title as Deputy Hardo, acknowledging the national leadership's recognition of his contributions to the Fulbe community.

He outlined his priorities, emphasizing cooperation and mutual understanding among different Fulani groups. "In Kwara State, we have made significant strides," he said. 

"Fourteen out of sixteen local government areas now have established leadership structures dedicated to addressing Fulani community issues."

The Deputy National Hardo's commitment to unity and progress underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting peace and development across the West African region. 

As he assumes his new role, Ali Muhammed Janwuro aims to continue building bridges and raising awareness within the Fulani community in Kwara and beyond.

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