Nigeria Civil Society Forum Warns NLC Against Nationwide Protest Amidst Hardship


By Abdullahi Barikin Ladi 

Abuja, Nigeria – The Nigeria Civil Society Forum (NCSF) has issued a stern warning to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) regarding its proposed nationwide protest scheduled for February 27 and 28. The NCSF contends that the blame for the prevailing hardship should be directed at state governors who allegedly embezzled palliatives intended for the masses.

*Embezzlement Allegations and State Governors

In a press conference held on Thursday in Abuja, Dr. Godwin Abutu, Convener of the Coalition, emphasized that while Nigerians are currently enduring challenging times, the federal government has consistently assured citizens of its commitment to alleviate their suffering through various incentives. However, the NCSF points fingers at state governors who, they claim, have sabotaged federal government efforts by misappropriating relief resources.

*Toothless Bulldog Leadership

The NLC, operating in states where these alleged sabotage actions occur, has been criticized by the NCSF for its perceived toothless response. According to Dr. Abutu, the Labour leaders have failed to effectively address the plight of Nigerians, leaving citizens to suffer under their watchful eyes.

*Empty Threats and Gratifications

Dr. Abutu expressed indifference towards the NLC's threats of a strike, dismissing them as empty and baseless. He further accused the labor union of using such threats historically to extract gratifications from the government while betraying the people. The NCSF vows to act as the voice of the masses, determined to prevent this pattern from repeating.

*Wage Negotiations and Wild Goose Chases

The NLC's decision to abandon wage negotiations with the government in favor of the protest has drawn criticism. Dr. Abutu questioned this move, urging the union's leadership to contribute constructive opinions on resolving the crisis rather than embarking on what he termed a "macabre dance" without direction.

*Strike Actions: A Familiar Path

The NCSF reminds Nigerians that previous strike actions have not effectively addressed the challenges faced by the masses. As the nation braces for the proposed protest, the question remains: Will this latest endeavor yield meaningful results, or will it be another futile exercise?

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