Right Honourable Tajudeen Abbas Champions Economic Vision at 45th Kaduna International Trade Fair

Rt Hon. James Shuaibu Barka,
Member House of Representatives

Zakari Isah - Kaduna 

In a compelling address during the 45th Kaduna International Trade Fair, Right Honourable Tajudeen Abbas, Speaker of the House of Representatives, emphasized the vital role that trade fairs play in shaping a nation's economic landscape.

Speaking to a diverse audience at the Kaduna International Trade and Investment Centre, the Speaker extended a warm welcome to all participants. The event, orchestrated by the Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (KADCCIMA), showcased collaborative efforts of stakeholders and the Trade Fair Organizing Committee.

The Speaker who was represented at the event by Rt Hon. James Shuaibu Barka, a member House of Representative,  underscored that trade fairs are not mere gatherings but powerful catalysts for economic, social, and industrial development. Their impact resonates across sectors, fostering innovation, partnerships, and overall growth.

Highlighting the historical significance of the Kaduna International Trade Fair, the Speaker acknowledged its unwavering contribution to Nigeria's economic progress since its inception. The fair has served as a hub for entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries, driving commerce and prosperity.

Acknowledging the economic challenges faced by the current administration, the Speaker addressed issues such as declining growth rates, monetary distortions, and financial mismanagement. Fiscal deficits, inflation, and insecurity have posed formidable obstacles, affecting millions of Nigerians.

This year's trade fair theme, "Sustainable Economic Recovery through Deepening Local Content Value Chain," resonates with the nation's aspirations. The Speaker commended the alignment of efforts at all levels of government toward achieving a robust Nigerian economy.

As the sun sets over the bustling trade fair grounds, the echoes of the Speaker's words linger—a call to action, a promise of resilience, and a vision for a thriving Nigeria. The 45th Kaduna International Trade Fair stands as a beacon of hope, uniting commerce, culture, and progress.

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