Stop The Witch Hunt, Arewa Network Caution EFCC Over Yahaya Bello


The Northern Emancipation Network (NEN) has strongly condemned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for what it calls a witch hunt against the former Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello. 

In a statement released today, NEN Chairman, Suleiman Abbah, expressed concern over the ongoing intimidation and harassment of Governor Bello, stating that such actions are unacceptable.

The group pointed out that the original charge against Yahaya Bello alleges his involvement in a conspiracy to convert funds belonging to the Kogi State Government. However, the NEN highlights that this offense is said to have occurred in September 2015, before Bello even assumed office as Governor. 

The group argues that accusing him of a crime that occurred before he held the position is illogical and baseless.

Furthermore, the NEN emphasizes that Governor Bello had no financial dealings with the Kogi State Government prior to his appointment, raising doubts about the validity of these allegations. 

The group questions the credibility of the EFCC and its leadership, stating that these ridiculous and indefensible accusations tarnish the agency's reputation and undermine public trust.

The NEN also warns political actors to refrain from interfering in Kogi State affairs and to cease their campaign of calumny. It highlights that the state government has not reported any missing funds and has been recognized for its transparency and accountability both locally and internationally.

 The group urges the appropriate authorities to conduct their investigations without undue political influence.

In light of these concerns, the NEN calls on President Tinubu to intervene and safeguard the integrity of the EFCC. The agency should not be manipulated or coerced into engaging in a fight that should be left to politicians. 

The President must ensure that the EFCC operates independently and upholds the principles of justice and fairness.

The NEN concludes by urging the EFCC to refocus on its core mandate of combating corruption rather than engaging in baseless pursuits of individuals without substantial evidence. It states that it is time to put an end to this witch hunt and restore faith in the justice system.

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