"Symposium Calls for Unity: Christian-Muslim Collaboration Crucial for Nigeria's Peace and Development" - News Panorama

By, Gambo Abubakar Kaduna 

The Coordinator of the Kaduna Center for Christian-Muslim Relations, Venerable Joshua Mallam, emphasizes that addressing ignorance wielded by political and religious leaders is pivotal in curbing Nigerian religious violence, advocating for education as a powerful tool for resolution. 

This message was conveyed during a three-day symposium titled "Working Together in God's World," aimed at fostering Christian-Muslim collaboration in Kaduna, organized by the Center for Muslim and Christian Studies, Houston. Mallam highlights ignorance as a societal scourge perpetuating misperceptions in both political and religious realms. 

Ambassador Dr. Nuhu Umar, a UN Peace Ambassador Alumni, underscores the symposium's timeliness in fostering mutual understanding, peace, and harmony amidst Nigeria's current challenges. 

He urges religious communities to embrace tolerance and respect for one another's beliefs for national development. Additionally, Reverend Martin E. Adikwu, a Researcher/Facilitator at CMCS in Kaduna, stresses the symposium's role in nurturing mutual respect and dialogue between Christians and Muslims. 

Sheikh Halliru Maraya, an Islamic cleric based in Kaduna, calls upon Muslims to emulate Prophet Muhammad's exemplary life and urges youth to embrace ethnic and religious tolerance to foster unity and development in Nigeria.

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