GELD Foundation Launches Weekly Ramadan Initiative to Combat Hunger in Kaduna - News Panorama


Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

In an effort to alleviate hunger exacerbated by soaring food prices in Nigeria, the Glovis Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development Foundation (GELD) has kicked off its weekly Ramadan initiative, providing iftar meals to those in need.

Representatives of GELD Founder and MD/CEO, Dr. Kayode Akinade, including Mr. Steven Edward and Elizabeth Shola Ogun, expressed their commitment to the cause, highlighting the initiative's mission to ensure everyone has access to nourishing meals during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mr. Steven underscored Dr. Akinade's dedication to making a positive impact on the less privileged, emphasizing the foundation's resolve to address fundamental needs in the community through weekly meal distributions during Ramadan.

"Dr. Kayode Akinade, the sponsor of GELD, expressed his deep empathy for people and stressed the importance of showing love and support, especially during Ramadan. He highlighted the significance of providing food for iftar to the less privileged as an act of compassion and solidarity."

Mr. Steven urged all residents of Kaduna state and Nigerians at large to extend love and support to those in need, particularly during the Ramadan season. 

On her part, Elizabeth Shola Ogun, Team Lead Sales and Marketing at Microvis Finance Bank, emphasized the essence of showing love and magnanimity to Muslim brothers and sisters fasting during Ramadan. 

She praised Dr. Akinade for his dedication to humanitarian work.

Over four hundred less privileged individuals at Kano road, Kaduna were provided with food and beverages, symbolizing the spirit of love and compassion during Ramadan.

The GELD Foundation's weekly Ramadan Meal has emerged as a beacon of hope, reflecting its dedication to making a difference in the lives of those facing hardship. The foundation calls for continued support from the community and aims to inspire others to embrace the spirit of giving.

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