Governor Uba Sani Breaks Ground on 327-Kilometer Road Project

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

In a momentous occasion this Saturday, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State, presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for a transformative infrastructure project. 

The ambitious endeavor involves the construction of a 327-kilometer road that will connect College Road to Mashigi, extending further to the Eastern Bypass of Millennium City. 

This strategic road network is set to traverse the districts of Igabi, Kaduna North, and Chikun. 

The comprehensive project encompasses not only the main artery linking College Road to Millennium City but also several feeder roads within the various districts. 

As the construction progresses, it promises to create employment opportunities for a diverse workforce, including skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor. 

The road's completion will significantly enhance the movement of people and goods, fostering economic growth and connectivity.

Governor Uba Sani expressed his commitment to infrastructural development, emphasizing that this groundbreaking event marks the 21st road project initiated during his tenure across local governments with a staggering 827 kilometers of roads are currently under construction, a testament to the state's dedication to progress.

"Our Rural Transformation Program runs in parallel with our Urban Infrastructure Upgrades," declared Governor Sani. "We envision Kaduna State as a thriving business hub in the North, attracting investors and unlocking its full potential."

The influx of new investments into Kaduna State aligns seamlessly with the ongoing infrastructure upgrades. With determination and foresight, the state is charting a sure path toward realizing its vast possibilities.

As the sun set on the ceremony, the symbolic shovels turned the earth, signifying not only the commencement of a road but also the promise of a brighter future for Kaduna State.

Senator Uba Sani, Governor of Kaduna State, remains steadfast in his commitment to progress.

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