"Kaduna Governor Champions Unity and Strategic Thinking at Interfaith Peace Conference" - News Panorama

By Zakari Isah - Kaduna 

In a significant gathering of religious leaders, His Excellency Sen. Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna State, emphasized the importance of unity and peace in his opening remarks at the 6th Annual Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace Conference.

Governor Sani expressed delight in hosting the conference, highlighting Kaduna's celebration of diversity as a strength against attempts to sow division. He emphasized the commitment to an all-inclusive administration, promoting equity and justice to make Kaduna a model of development and ethnic harmony.

The conference's theme, "Tackling Poverty and Insecurity in Nigeria: Our Collective Responsibilities," drew attention to the pressing challenges facing the nation. Governor Sani stressed the need for evidence-based approaches, calling for a comprehensive diagnostic review of insecurity causes through research. 

The governor advocated for a shift from ad-hoc and reactive measures to strategic thinking in security matters. He urged security forces to balance tactical and strategic thinking, emphasizing the importance of understanding the environment, engaging in scenario building, and adopting proactive approaches.

Key points included the call for effective intelligence gathering, modernizing security agencies, and a complete overhaul of the security architecture. Governor Sani passionately advocated for state police, decentralized security operations, and enhanced coordination among security agencies.

Addressing corruption and ethical reorientation, the governor emphasized the fight against ill-gotten wealth and the need to channel energies toward decent work and development. He proposed a framework for non-kinetic approaches, including psychological operations and strategic communication.

Governor Sani concluded by emphasizing the importance of leadership, urging political leaders to lead by example and provide accountable governance. He called upon religious leaders for actionable recommendations and concluded with a message of hope, officially declaring the 6th Annual Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace Conference open.

The conference aims to forge partnerships, gather influential religious leaders, and seek solutions to Nigeria's challenges, with a strong emphasis on hope and unity.

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