Nigeria Volleyball Federation President Extends Appreciation Following African Games - News Panorama

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

In a heartfelt message of appreciation, Engr. Musa Nimrod, the President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the just-concluded African Games held in Accra, Ghana.

Despite encountering challenges leading up to the event, Nimrod commended the determination and resilience of everyone involved, highlighting their collective efforts in overcoming obstacles and participating with high expectations and unity of purpose.

While acknowledging that the team fell short of their expectations, Nimrod emphasized the importance of recognizing and congratulating the athletes and officials for their dedication and efforts towards the national team.

Notably, Nimrod praised the Beach Volleyball team for their outstanding performance, particularly the youngest players who made a remarkable impression at the event. Their record performance earned them a podium finish and acclaim from the beach volleyball community in Accra.

The Nigeria Volleyball Federation President extended special appreciation to the board of administration for organizing a pre-ministry camp to prepare the athletes for the official camp. He also recognized the contributions of individuals who ensured the team was well-kitted, attributing their support to the team's success.

Despite the positive strides made in beach volleyball, Nimrod expressed concern over the overall outcome, stressing the need for continued efforts to improve the performance of the volleyball teams.

Looking ahead, Nimrod urged stakeholders to focus on grassroots development through state associations, local clubs, and academies to nurture young talent from an early age.

Highlighting upcoming engagements, Nimrod revealed plans to tour the West Coast of Africa to prepare the Beach Volleyball team for the continental championship in Casablanca, Morocco, a crucial step towards qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

In conclusion, Nimrod thanked the players, coaches, board members, supporters, and everyone involved in promoting volleyball in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of continued synergy for the growth and success of the sport, urging all stakeholders to remain united in pursuit of greater achievements.

As the Nigeria Volleyball Federation calendar is packed with upcoming activities, Nimrod expressed optimism for future success and called for collective efforts towards realizing the federation's vision.

In closing, Nimrod extended blessings to all stakeholders, emphasizing that together, they can achieve greater success in volleyball.

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