Noak's Ark Mosaik Sweden Partners with Nigerian Football Star Halimat Ayinde as Brand Ambassador

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna

In a significant move towards bolstering their humanitarian efforts, the management team of Noak's Ark Mosaik Sweden, spearheaded by CEO Povi Foly-Lawson, has enlisted the support of Nigerian Super Falcon-Fc Rosengard midfielder, Halimat Ayinde, as their brand ambassador.

This is contained in a statement by the Media Officer of the player, Albert Femi Solomon issued on 19th March 2024.

Following extensive deliberations, the decision to collaborate with Ayinde, renowned for her philanthropic endeavors both on and off the football pitch, was made, the reported.

"Recognizing her exemplary role in providing aid to the less privileged, particularly aspiring athletes, Ayinde emerged as the ideal candidate to represent the organization."

Noak's Ark Mosaik operates as a non-governmental entity dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of marginalized communities, with a special focus on African immigrants residing in Sweden and beyond. 

The organization has identified a pressing need for medical assistance among immigrants, many of whom lack access to essential services, particularly those battling illnesses such as HIV, according to Albert Solomon.

With a vision to bridge this gap in healthcare accessibility, CEO Povi Foly-Lawson championed the appointment of Ayinde as brand ambassador, citing her influence and dedication to social causes. 

Ayinde, whose football journey began in Kaduna, Nigeria, has since been committed to supporting young female athletes and providing healthcare solutions in her homeland.

During a recent visit to Noak's Ark Mosaik's facility in Sweden, Ayinde reaffirmed her unwavering support for the organization's initiatives and pledged to assist migrants in integrating into their new communities. 

She urged migrants, especially Africans, to pursue legal avenues for migration and emphasized the importance of adhering to host countries' laws.

In addition to her advocacy work, Ayinde remains focused on her football career, expressing confidence in the Super Falcons' prospects for Olympic qualification. She aims to inspire hope among migrants facing health challenges, stressing the importance of resilience and determination.

The Halimat Ayinde Foundation welcomed this collaboration as a milestone achievement and pledged to reciprocate the partnership for a greater positive impact. Through initiatives such as "SHE-WINS," the foundation aims to empower young women to pursue their dreams and emerge victorious in their endeavors, the statement concluded.

Albert F. Solomon
Media Officer,
19th March, 2024.

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