Plateau State Shines at Kaduna International Trade Fair


By Zakari Isah, Staff Writer

Kaduna, Nigeria — Amidst the bustling stalls and vibrant displays, Plateau State stands out with its strong and commanding presence at the 45th edition of the Kaduna International Trade Fair. Visitors are greeted by a captivating showcase of the state's abundant resources and serene tourist appeal..

Upon entering the state pavilion, visitors are greeted by an inviting atmosphere. Every prospective customer and entrepreneur receives a warm welcome and expert guidance through the various sections. 

The pavilion proudly displays the richness and natural blessings bestowed upon Plateau State.

The layout is thoughtfully organized: on the right, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry beckons, followed by the unfolding realms of Science and Technology. Nestled between these sections lies the treasure trove of mineral resources.

Saturday, March 2nd, promises to be a pivotal day for Plateau State. It's the designated special day at the fair—a strategic opportunity to attract investors and bolster the state's economy. 

The Honorable Commissioner from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sule Musa Haruna is expected to reiterate the government's commitment to creating a business-friendly environment in Plateau State.

The highlight of the event is the presence of the People's Governor, Barrister Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang. His esteemed role underscores Plateau State's determination to foster growth, prosperity, and collaborative partnerships.

In this vibrant tapestry of commerce and culture, Plateau State shines as a beacon of opportunity, inviting all to explore its bountiful offerings. Whether you're an investor seeking untapped potential or a curious visitor, Plateau State welcomes you with open arms.

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