By Abdullahi German

Kaduna State Federation Cup, 2024—On Friday, the 15th day of March, 2024, the Kaduna State Federation Cup witnessed intense clashes as two formidable teams, Standard FC and Green Beret FC, battled their way past opponents despite facing a tempest. The stormy conditions didn't deter their determination as they secured victories against Seat of God FC and Unity FC, both hailing from Kaduna metropolis.

*Standard FC vs. Seat of God FC: A Gritty Duel

In a nail-biting encounter, Standard FC emerged victorious with a **1-0** win over Seat of God FC. The match lived up to its billing, with both teams launching attacks and testing each other's defenses. In the initial 5 to 10 minutes, Seat of God FC unleashed aerial assaults, particularly from the right flank. However, Standard FC weathered the storm and eventually fired the first real shot on target, brilliantly saved by the Seat of God FC goalkeeper. Despite both teams having three shots on goal, it was Johnson of Standard FC who found the net in the 65th minute, securing the crucial victory.

*Green Beret FC vs. Unity FC: Penalty Drama

Green Beret FC continued their sterling performance, facing Unity FC on the same day. After regulation time, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Green Beret FC conceded first but equalized through a penalty. The ensuing penalty shootout was a heart-stopping affair, with both teams taking 12 penalties each. Unity FC stumbled, missing three shots while scoring nine. Meanwhile, Green Beret FC netted 10 goals, sealing their triumph.

*Looking Ahead

As these two remarkable teams advance, we hold hope that they will reach the pinnacle of this tournament and proudly represent Kaduna State in the Federation Cup. DLC FC, another representative from this region, is yet to take the field. Let us fervently pray that they follow in the footsteps of Standard FC and Green Beret FC, completing a triumphant journey.

We wish this trio the very best!

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