Bang! Bang! Nigeria U23 Striker Scores Sixth League Goal in Estonian Topflight


Dynamic Nigeria U-23 striker,  Promise David has continued to make headlines in the Estonian topflight as he notched his sixth goal of the season, propelling Kalju FC to a thrilling 2-1 victory over Kalev FC. 

In his allround captivating display, David played a pivotal role in securing the crucial win for Kalju FC, demonstrating his extraordinary goal-scoring prowess and ability to deliver when it matters most, as he opened the scoring in the 26th minute. With each goal he scores, David reaffirms his promise and leaves a lasting impression on fans and pundits alike.

Currently second on the league table with 17 points, Kalju FC's impressive form owes much to David's exceptional contributions on the pitch. Since joining Nõmme Kalju FC from Siren FC of Malta on a three-year deal, David has taken the Estonian league by storm, seamlessly transitioning into the club and showcasing his remarkable talent and skill.

David's outstanding performances have not gone unnoticed, as clubs from Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Norway, and Portugal have all expressed keen interest in securing the services of the talented Nigeria international. 

With six goals and one assist in the league, along with eight goals and one assist in the Eesti Karikas 23/24, David's remarkable goal-scoring record has attracted attention from across Europe.

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