"Brig. Gen. Kapeh Kazir Peace Karate Championship: A Symbol of Unity and Sportsmanship" -News Panorama

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

 No fewer than 150 karaters will take part on the maiden Brig. General Kapeh Kazir, Peace Karate Championship.

The championship, named in honor of Brig. General Kapeh Kazir, a notable figure in the region, is more than just a competition; it is a symbol of peace and unity, bringing together athletes from diverse backgrounds to share in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

As the Chief Coach of Kaduna State, Sensei Kurusi Bush, has confirmed that preparations have been finalized for the one-day event coming up this weekend. Sensei Kuru stressed that the primary goal is to scout and identify the finest athletes who will carry the flag of Kaduna State at the upcoming national competition in Rivers State, Port Harcourt.

"It is going to be an open competition for Kaduna karatekas to show skills and techniques ahead of an important championship early next month," stated Sensi Bush. 

According to him the championship will feature a variety of categories, including the Individual Kata demonstration, which is a form of patterned karate movements performed solo. "This is a test of precision, balance, and grace, where athletes execute complex sequences that mimic combat against multiple opponents."

He explained that the male competitors will compete in several weight classes: -60kg, -67kg, -70kg, -84kg, and +84kg. Each category participants vie for the chance to be crowned champions and gain the opportunity to represent the state on a national stage.

As the day of the championship approaches, the excitement is increasing. The karatekas have been training rigorously, honing their skills and refining their techniques. The coaches have been equally dedicated, imparting knowledge and guiding their students towards achieving excellence.

The community eagerly awaits the commencement of the championship, ready to cheer on their local heroes. The event promises to be a spectacle of skill, strength, and spirit, as the karatekas step onto the mat to demonstrate their mastery of this ancient martial art.

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