Northern Emancipation Network Calls for Fair Legal Process in Yahaya Bello's Case


In a recent development, the Northern Emancipation Network (NEN) has voiced its concerns regarding the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission's (EFCC) decision to declare former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello wanted. 

The NEN, a prominent advocacy group, emphasizes the importance of adhering to the rule of law and ensuring a just approach in legal proceedings.

The group's chairman, Suleiman Abbah, expressed that while the EFCC holds the authority to issue such declarations, the specific circumstances of Yahaya Bello's situation necessitate a more prudent and respectful application of legal principles. 

The NEN's statement highlighted that Yahaya Bello had previously sought legal protection against arrest by the EFCC, which resulted in a high court issuing an interim order to halt further actions by the commission. Despite an upcoming judgment from the Court of Appeal, the EFCC proceeded with its declaration, prompting the NEN to question the integrity of the legal process and the commitment to due process.

The NEN's statement further clarified that the arrest and interrogation of Yahaya Bello were preliminary steps in the investigation. However, with the filing of charges and the commencement of court proceedings, the focus shifts from investigative interactions to the formal legal process. It is within the courtroom that the former governor will have the opportunity to defend himself against the allegations.

The advocacy group urges the EFCC to respect the pending judgment from the Court of Appeal and refrain from further actions until a decision is made. The NEN stresses the significance of justice and fairness in maintaining the legal system's credibility and ensuring the dignified treatment of all individuals.

In conclusion, the NEN calls for restraint and adherence to the legal process by the EFCC in Yahaya Bello's case, underscoring the necessity to protect the rule of law and individual rights to fortify democracy and justice in the nation.

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