"Over 800 Less Privileged Individuals Receive Financial Boost from Musa Sufi Mayere Youths Empowerment Foundation

By Aliyu Abubakar 

In a heartwarming display of generosity, the Musa Sufi Mayere Youths Empowerment Foundation has distributed financial assistance to over 800 less privileged individuals in Makarfi Local Government Area. The beneficiaries, including vulnerable women, widows, orphans, and other disadvantaged members of society, received the support in Mayere, the hometown of the foundation's chairman, Musa Sufi.

According to Alhaji Usman Tafida, the Kaduna-based young philanthropist and chairman of the foundation, the gesture was aimed at sharing joy and alleviating the hardship faced by the less privileged, particularly during this period of financial constraints. "We believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances," he said.

The foundation's selection criteria were based solely on need, with no regard for religious, cultural, or political affiliations. This approach ensured that the assistance reached those who needed it most.

In addition to the financial assistance, the foundation plans to expand its activities to provide educational support to the younger generation in the area. This will include payment of WAEC fees, JAMB forms, and scholarships, all aimed at ensuring a brighter future for the beneficiaries.

Alhaji Tafida urged the recipients to utilize the assistance wisely, ensuring that it has a positive impact on their families' lives. The beneficiaries, who expressed gratitude and promised to use the assistance responsibly, also prayed for the foundation's continued success.

The community is rejoicing at this act of kindness, and the less privileged in Makarfi Local Government Area are experiencing a moment of joy thanks to the Musa Sufi Mayere Youths Empowerment Foundation's generosity. The foundation's selfless act has inspired calls for other wealthy individuals and groups to follow their example, reducing hardship among the less privileged, especially at the grassroots level."

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